Equipment Status Management Systems

Peace of mind

Every 5 seconds a European worker becomes a victim of an accident at work. In addition to the human cost, the employers' bill can be huge if you include damage, compensation, time off, re-training, down time etc. - not to mention the cost to taxpayers for medical treatment and social security.

Little wonder that an increasing number of companies invest in Scafftag® Status Management Solutions from Brady, a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Making safety visible

Imagine a typical industrial site - a busy environment with people and equipment constantly moving and changing. Think about any item of equipment on your site. How do you know if equipment is safe to use or know what maintenance has been carried out? How do you identify it among the hundreds of similar items of equipment on site?

Without accurate, up to date and timely information, people are prone to make assumptions. And assumptions can lead to potentially damaging decisions for both them and your business performance. Tracking the identity, usage, safety, maintenance and inspection status of each and every item of equipment is therefore critical. In 1983, Scafftag introduced the innovative visible status tagging system for scaffolding and the name Scafftag has become synonymous with scaffold inspection tagging. The Scafftag® product range now offers complete information management solutions through safety, maintenance and identification of all major industrial equipment and workspaces.


  • Scafftag® products provide system, procedural and legal compliance
  • User friendly and weather resistant
  • Saves valuable time when preparing safety audits
  • Provides a clear inspection trail giving integrity and control of work carried out
  • Essential for companies working with ISO9000 clients
  • Choice of sizes and inserts with the ability to customise
  • A small price to pay for a system that saves lives
  • Broad choice of sizes in holders and inserts
  • Alternative colour coded inserts - Scafftag® inserts incorporate informative graphics and inspection details on the front face. They are colour coded according to the loading of the scaffolding.
  • The complete package - Packs that contain everything you need to get started

Scafftag products empower people to make informed decisions by making information:

  • Instantly visible
  • Shared
  • Available where it is needed most

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Equipment Status Management Systems - Scafftag

Scafftag® is a complete scaffold management system comprising durable, high visibility, weatherproof holders and inserts and fits all standard scaffolding.