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We have been using a MiniMark Printer for approximately 3 years.

It was initially purchased to enable us to make up our own roadside Witness Appeal Boards following serious incidents and road collisions. Since we first started using the printer we have found that it has given us the flexibility to make up a wide variety of signs for use within the organisations, or to make up, or change existing signs to suit our specific needs. The labelling software programme that came with the printer is very easy to use.

Mike Digger
Pershore Police Station

HIGHWAYS™ Magazine - Minimark Industrial Labelmaker Report as shown in NOVEMBER 2009 copy
Portable sign printer saves councils cash

Highways Magazine has previously looked at how Hants County Council updated its temporary roadsigns with the use of a novel printing solution. Other councils have since adopted the technology and are already reaping the rewards

Highways Testimonial - Touch Print

The financial outgoings that councils across the UK have to incur are wide and limitless; and thus, potential savings are welcomed and encouraged. One such area of expense is that generated by the placement of temporary roadwork signs.

During lengthy projects, costs are further heightened, with a continual need for the signs to be amended in accordance with the ongoing work. In the past, creation of these new signs has often proved time-consuming and inefficient; but one company has now eliminated these problems via its novel printing solution.

The MiniMark printer offers a cost-effective sign and label making system that is compact, fast and versatile. A desktop printer that can be directly connected to a PC, it has the ability to print up to 750 signs per day - which is of tremendous value to Aberdeenshire and Gloucestershire Highways (a partnership between Gloucestershire County Council and Atkins), who recently decided to take advantage of this technology to boost productivity.

Before obtaining these printers, the development of new signs would require outsourcing of the project to a specialist company, which carried with it problematic time and financial implications. However, councils are now able to make replacement signs in-house, on demand, with minimum fuss and labour, and perhaps most crucially, without the high levels of expenditure previously encountered. The quality and durability of the sign has also improved significantly on the previous materials used, which is of particular assistance where harsh or extreme weather conditions are prevalent.

Aberdeenshire, for instance, frequently encounters heavy snow storms, often resulting in the closure of many of its roads and bridges. Thus, there is a palpable need to keep the local public informed of such occurrences quickly and clearly.

Highways Testimonial - Touch Print

Stuart McFarlane, the principal network engineer of Formartine, the company enlisted by Aberdeenshire County Council to undertake its operations in this field, said: "Aberdeenshire Council recently invested in FOUR Minimark printers, allowing us to make considerable savings in sign cost manufacture and allowing us to react quickly and flexibly to changes as they are required. With an increasing requirement to inform our customers of our activities - often resulting from conditions imposed by weather situations - this development in signing allows us to meet this need.

"We've generated an ethos of keeping people as informed as possible, and the MiniMark printers enable us to do exactly that. Timesaving, though, is perhaps the most advantageous element of all. We can make the signs here ourselves, rather than having to rely on other companies' timescales. In addition, the immense cost savings have been beneficial too".

Additionally, the signs have proven to be successful in soothing other problems: "We recently had to extend a road closure for longer than anticipated, which a local business was understandably disappointed and frustrated about, as it placed a negative impact on his trade", Mr McFarlane continues. "However, thanks to the new sign creation technology, we were able to implement a 'business as usual' sign, which kept him happy as we addressed the problem right away. "From a blank yellow strip, we produced the finished article and had it in place in just one hour. It's so valuable to be able to react and tackle grievances such as these straight away"

Gloucestershire Highways is also taking advantage of the MiniMark printers. Roy Embling, one of its senior construction supervisors, said: "We recently purchased a Minimark printer to assist us with the production of scheme information signs. The printer has enabled us to produce professional looking signs, whilst reducing the time it takes to produce them. The use of the adhesive strips also allows the sign plates to be re-used in the future.

Highways Testimonial - Touch Print

"We are currently using the signs to give the public advance notice of road works and road closures; we can print them off on our computers, enlarge them as needed, and then laminate them in plastic covers", he continues.

"It saves time, as it's far quicker than before - we can now print off ten signs in ten minutes. Previously, this would've taken four hours to do. Also, whenever changes are required to the works programme, we can update the sign by sticking on a new date; it's just that quick. In addition, it completely eliminates the previous laminating procedure, which is also an added bonus."

These solutions are currently being supplied via TOUCH PRINT, the leading supplier of labelling equipment to local councils and their contractors. Adding extra value to these high quality offerings, TOUCH PRINT’S expertise has also proven to be a hugely impactful factor.

Mr McFarlane said: "Upon purchase, we had some minor challenges as it related to learning just what the printer was capable of, but when we went back to Touch Print, they were more than helpful in explaining the processes and setting us in the right direction"

Mr Embling too was appreciative of Touch Print's service, commending the fact that the printers turned up the very next day after the order was placed, ensuring that Gloucestershire Highways could begin to enjoy the benefits within hours of ordering.

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Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service

I have been using the Globalmark 2 printer now for 18 months and still finding new things for it to do.

What a wonderful machine.

Malcolm Jeffery, Storeman
Cornwall County Fire Brigade
Weeth Lane, Camborne

Powermark Sign and Labelmaker


I purchased the Powermark Sign and Labelmaker in November 2006 from Touch Print. Since then I have produced 1000's of signs/labels for the business.

The initial outlay for the machine and consumables were recovered within 2 years from purchase.

I now take out an annual Service Contract which I have found invaluable; a replacement machine is delivered, so I am never without my printing facility.

I also have regular contact with experienced personnel who can advise me on any issue/problem which may arise.

I believe it would be difficult to find the same standard of service which Touch Print provides

Neil Renton
Health & Safety Advisor
Caledonian Produce
West Lothian


Power Mark

BP Logo

I have been using Touch Print’s PowerMark sign maker for the past 5 years and it has been invaluable to our business, making specific signs for our plant and offices as well as customer sites.

The after sales service is first class, servicing, supplying consumables etc. Technical backup (especially in early days when getting used to machine) always available whether it is at the end of the phone or a visit to site.

The level of service for this product persuaded me to buy our Smart board from Touch Print. Technical backup and software upgrades always available.


BP Bitumen
HSSE Manager UK

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Leicester College Logo

It has been an absolute pleasure doing business with Touch Print. Nothing is too much trouble and their service is very prompt and efficient.

Only last year we had an instance where we could not cope with the sheer volume of signage ordered as we readied ourselves for an inspection. Touch Print came to the rescue, not only did they loan us another machine but their Sales Representative rolled his sleeves up and helped us out too, first class!

Yours sincerely

Linda Marris
Reprographic Services Co-ordinator
Leicester College

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