IP Paper Printing Systems

IP Paper Printing Systems

The New IP Printer Systems
Who knew printing could be so easy!!

It’s the first system of its kind that lets the printer, material, ribbon and software communicate together. With these innovative printing capabilities, users can simply load the material, click the software interface, and easily print a variety of labels, tags and sleeves.

The IP Printer is part of a COMPLETE printing solution.

Critical components are the:

  • Brady IP Printer
  • BradySoft Software or Labelmark Software
  • Brady IP Enabled or Compatible Materials
  • Brady Enabled IP Enabled Ribbons

IP Paper Printing Systems

“In day to day printing it would definitely boost efficiency, especially in reducing down-time when changing labels”

The system has a straight path to loading media and ribbon. This eliminates the need to wind and thread material through a complicated series of mechanics. Plus, the ribbon spindle is automatically centred, helping to reduce ribbon wrinkle. Top loading design for ease of access. Drives bottom-line improvements by reducing time and material waste.

Features of The IP Thermal Transfer Printer

Features of IP Printers

Smart cell technology saves time in initial set-up and quicker material changes

  • Printer communicates with software, materials and ribbons, making printing simple.
  • Load Brady IP enabled material and the software recognises it.
  • Visually check the printer and material information using the status monitor on the PC.

Intelligence by design

  • No more calibration for notched, gapped or continuous material
  • Centre justified material guides keep a constant print image.
  • Easy loading with straight feed path.
  • Brady IP Ribbon design keeps printing clear.

Intuitive LCD display

  • Correct material/ribbon match displayed.
  • Sensor position visually shown.
  • Monitors material and ribbon useage.
  • Intelligent troubleshooting with corrective action.

Printer is ready for work

  • Thermal transfer, 4” wide, 300dpi or 600dpi
  • Lightweight, flip top compact design.
  • USB, serial and Ethernet cable

Printer identifies what is loaded, as well as the best material and ribbon match for improved productivity and flawless printing. Manual adjustments such as speed, temperature, material size and layout are eliminated; printer sets correct printer settings for material. Automatic calibration; sensor position shown for notched, gapped, or continuous materials Printer tracks material and ribbon levels and displays it on LCD.

Communication and technology provides easy to use for multiple users

Revolutionary interactive system where the Smart Cell enables the printer, software, material and ribbon to talk to each other. Intelligent error messaging and quick troubleshooting using alphanumeric and graphical LCD.

Load, click, print - It's that simple

Top loading design for easy access to materials. Click open the supply file on the screen; recognised material and information is automatically updated. Enter data on the template and just hit “print”.

IP Paper Printing Systems

The Brady IP Printer System. A smart and easy solution for high performance

Brady IP™ Printer - 600 DPI with Peel/Present Brady IP™ Printer - 300 DPI with Peel/Present Brady IP™ Printer - 600 DPI Standard Brady IP™ Printer - 300 DPI Standard
Max Labels Per Day 5,000 labels/day
Hours of Operation 8 Hours / 5 Day
Print Resolution 600 dpi 300 dpi 600 dpi 300 dpi
Print Technology Thermal Transfer
Max Label Width 4.16"
Max Print Width 4.16"
Min Label Length .500" .125"
Max Liner Width 4.20"
Min Liner Width 1.0"
Memory 64MB
Materials Supported Gapped, Continuous and Notched
Continuous vs Die Cut Labels Can print both continuous and die cut labels
PC Connectivity Yes
Peripheral Printing Yes
Stand Alone Printing No
Connectivity Options Serial, USB 2.0 and Ethernet 10/100
Color Capability Single Colour Printing
Print Speed up to 4"/sec up to 8"/sec up to 4"/sec up to 8"/sec
Portability No
RoHS Compatibility Yes
Weight 13lbs
Options Peel and Present
Warranty 12 Months - See Terms and Conditions

Multiple Users - multiple materials

The IP Printer System offers seamless interactivity and hassle-free printing. The system provides great mark permanence, low installation cost and inventory management.

IP enabled materials with the IP Printer is a powerful yet easy solution for all your identification. With this INOVATIVE printing system high mix/low volume print jobs are made easy. The smart cell technology AUTOMATICALLY TRANSFERS MATERIAL INFORMATION SO SET UP TIME IS DRASTICALLY REDUCED.

  • New operator, new materials ... no problem
  • Less material waste and less user stress
  • Reduced set-up time when changing materials
  • No more calibrating or formatting materials... its just that easy

Right Place- right time

The IP Printer System allows manufacturers to create a lean “just-in-time” labelling process with reduced set - up time, easy material loading and intuitive label design software.

The communication of the printer, software and materials provide a smart and easy solution for manufacturers. Operators become multi-skilled and area able to use the system with MINIMAL TRAINING. Increase worker PRODUCTIVITY and take advantage of right time, right place, right quantity.

For more information regarding the IP Paper Printing Systems, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01389 830 408 or sales@touchprint.co.uk