Freezer Bondz Labels

Freezer Bondz Labels

Freezer Bondz Labels will Adhere to Cryogenically Frozen Surfaces

Brady provides the answer with the introduction of Freezer Bondz™, a thermal transfer printable label material. Freezer Bondz labels can be applied to cryogenically frozen vials.

To identify a sample that is ice covered and frozen is virtually impossible without thawing the sample. The thawing process can potentially damage the integrity of the sample. The Freezer Bondz material makes it possible for labs to quickly and easily identify samples in their frozen state.

FreezerBondz™ labels perform well in common laboratory environments such as liquid nitrogen and autoclave applications. For tube/vial applications these labels must be wrapped upon itself with at least 1/8inch overlap.

  • Label material will adhere to already frozen samples.
  • Will survive exposure to common laboratory environments such as liquid nitrogen, freezer -196°C (-319°F), autoclave, 100°F hot water bath and room temperature water bath.
  • Excellent chemical resistance when exposed to laboratory chemicals such as DMSO and Xylene
  • This product is perfect for the customer that cannot thaw the samples without risking damage or destruction to the samples.
  • Developed for dry frozen surfaces, it is also effective on surfaces that are cold or at room temperature.
  • Stock sizes available for the TLS 2200, TLS PC Link and Brady bench top printers.

Special Notes:

Freezer Bondz Labels

Must be slightly wrapped upon itself to stay on. It will not adhere to a wet surface

  • Place thumb on the "X" and keep it on that spot while rotating the tube
  • Place index finger on the "O" and move it along the path of the line as the tube is rotated
  • After the label is completely wrapped around the tube, keep finger and thumb in contact with tube and fully rotate at least two times (this will secure the label)

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