LABXPERT™ Laboratory Labelling System

LABXPERT™ Laboratory Labelling System

LABXPERT™ Laboratory Labelling System with the LABXPERT™ Laboratory Labelling System, Lab Technicians have a powerful yet affordable tool at their fingertips! Produce legible, professional looking labels for lab samples, while drastically reducing the time it actually takes to label.

With LABXPERT™ efficiency will be increased like never before

Reduce errors and work fast (gain time), Printed & pre-sized (die-cut) labels

  • No more guessing what the handwriting says
  • More information on the label
  • "Cut-to-size" labels - No need to make continuous tapes "fit", Labels will fit any application

Built-in bar coding

  • Saves time
  • Eliminate the risk of incorrect typing of data
  • Fast track and trace samples

PC Connectivity

To increase efficiency and speed in labelling, simply connect the LABXPERT to a PC and use the optional IdentiLab™ Software (or any windows based software) to easily create labels on the PC and download database information back to the printer.

  • Easy interface with spreadsheets and many other programs
  • Avoid risk by importing data
  • Increase your text options with more fonts, symbols and sizes
  • Work in an easy "click and drag" environment

Drop, lock & print cartridges

  • Fast supply change-outs ... labels & ribbon all in one cartridge
  • No need for extra key-stroking or "setting-up" the label
  • Auto-sensing chip lets user go right to typing the legend

Auto-serialisation feature

Produce 40 labels in under two minutes - that’s 80% faster than hand-writing

Time/Date stamp

With a press of a button the date appears, so no need to manually type the date - avoid the risk of typing errors.

Memory function

Easily store & recall frequently used labels.

Pre-programmed laboratory symbols

Over 140 lab-specific Greek, research and safety symbols

Less label waste

  • Edge-to-edge printing on continuous supplies eliminates waste frequently found with other printers
  • Die-cut labels are typically pre-sized to the application, which results in no label waste.

High quality label materials

Labels have been tested to stand up to the toughest, most extreme conditions. They won’t fall off, crack or peel. Labels are designed to withstand:

  • Extreme temperatures: Liquid Nitrogen (-196°C)
  • Autoclave (+121°C)
  • Harsh chemicals: Xylene, Ethanol, DMSO, IPA, Toluene, boiling water
  • Jamming: Low-profile materials will not get stuck in centrifuge or other equipment

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