BMP™ 21 Hand-Held Label Printer

BMP™ 21 Hand-Held Label Printer

Meet the newest member of your crew.

  • Cable & Wire Identification
  • Asset Identification
  • Terminal Block & Patch Panel Making
  • Self Laminating WIre Identification
  • Continuous Sleeve Labelling

Why spend time creating labels that are difficult to read and don't stick? With the BMP™21 Hand-held Label Printer, elimiate guesswork and enjoy fast and easy formatting of commonly used label types for marking wire and cable, terminal blocks, patch panels and much more. You can be confident your labels will remain stuck for years. Create clear, legible labels with industrial-strength staying power to withstand even the harshest environments. They won’t fall off, smear or fade.

Simple to operate and quick to print, it’s a labelling tool specifically designed for industrial environments like voice/datacom, electrical and general industrial. Print one label, knowing it’ll adhere and stay legible for the years to come. The BMP™21 is a labelling solution that lead to increased productivity, supreme accuracy and unrivalled quality for a safer and a more efficient workplace.

BMP-21 HandHeld Label Printer

Robust Hard wearing Printer

  • Hard wearing design for industrial environments
  • 203 dpi thermal transfer print
  • Large LCD Display (3 lines of text, 1 line of icons)
  • Left or right handed cutter activation
  • Magnet and pole strap for one-handed operation
  • Flashlight accessory for use in confined and low light areas

Superior Quality, Long Lasting Labels

  • Labels stick and stay to any surface, smooth, curved, textured and highly textured surfaces, even in extreme temperatures.
  • Clear accurate labels every time
  • Variety of label types to suit any application, wire and cable, terminal blocks, patch panels and much more
  • Labels last for up to 5 years in extreme outdoor conditions

Key Features

  • Prints on a varity of materials including Continuous Labels and PermaSleeve™ heat shrink sleeves
  • Automatic data serialisation and built-in graphics and barcodes
  • Access to 80 different symbols, including 48 general identification symbols, 19 electrical symbols including and 13 datacom symbols
  • Internal memory for storing, retrieving and deleting label files
  • Ergonomic dual cutter buttons that hold the label until you need it
  • Six languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch)
  • Barcodes (3 of 9 and 128)
  • Integrated Smart Cell technology
  • Font Autosizing
  • Various Accessories (Magnet, Stand, Clip, Strap, Flashlight, Hard Carry Case)

BMP™ 21 Hand-held Label Printer features multiple materials for a variety of applications

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