TLS 2200™

TLS 2200™

The TLS 2200 has limited stock available - as it is being combined with the Handimark printer as the NEW BMP™71
Why not try the new BMP™71?

The TLS 2200® Thermal Transfer Printer is the ultimate answer to your toughest labelling challenges. The TLS 2200 system offers the light weight (2.75 lb./1.25 kg) convenience of a hand-held printer, while providing capabilities such as thermal transfer printing, bar coding and multiple material configurations.

TLS 2200® Thermal Transfer Printer

Store labels and create lists.

The TLS 2200 printer’s internal memory allows you to create and save legends in lists and recall them with only a few keystrokes.

Easy to handle, easy to use

Handheld, lightweight and easy to use, the TLS 2200 printer lets you print whatever you want, whenever you want. And it reads the type, size and style of labels you’re using and automatically adjusts itself - without wasting material.

PC compatibility

New PC compatibility allows you to print directly from the LabelMark™ software. Now you can import lists from a spreadsheet to LabelMark and print directly to the TLS 2200 printer. To help create those perfect labels, we are now offering LabelMark software with the purchase of any TLS2200 portable printer. This software package is written specifically for identification applications in the telecomm, electrical, laboratory and general industrial markets. LabelMark simplifies label formation through an easy step-by-step wizard; it is the perfect compliment to any TLS2200.

Portable bar coding

Never be tied to one location again. Now you can have permanent, quick and crisp bar code labels whenever and wherever you want them.

Continuous labelling

The TLS 2200 system provides continuous labelling with fixed length and banner printer options. Print up to 50 characters using the largest font size, on continuous labels up to 4 feet long, or customize the length of the label to any size you need.

Auto text sizing

Auto text sizing allows the TLS 2200 printer to read your label style, select a suitable type size and register it for printing - instantly.

Industrial Bar Code Labelling Faceplate ID & Symbols
Heat Shrink Sleeving Pre-Printed Labels
Desi-Strip Insert General Industrial Labelling
Terminal Block Self-Laminating Wire ID
Wire and Cable Marking Tear-Resistant Tags
Bar Code Self-Laminating Wire ID
Centrifuge Tube Identification Patch Panel Labels
Static Dissipative PROM Label Heat-Shrink Sleeving
Static Dissipative Component Label Polyimide Board Label

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