Say goodbye to the high labour costs and inefficient manual procedures of wire harness identification. Introducing the Wraptor™ Wire ID Printer Applicator: the automated print-and-apply machine that brings the efficiency you need for wire and cable identification.

The Wraptor system slashes the cost of wire and cable identification by combining the printing and application of labels in a single unit. Plus, the Wraptor printer/applicator offers both lower initial cost and significant operational advantages over any comparable alternative. In a single stroke, the Wraptor turns a series of labour-intensive, inefficient tasks into a modern automated process that saves time, saves materials, and saves money.

Hold down manufacturing costs

By streamlining the identification and wrapping process as well as reducing waste, the Wraptor printer applicator provides a new and more cost effective solution.

  • Up to 12 times as fast as hand applying after printing. Prints and applies labels to a wire in 5 seconds!
  • Little or no label waste compared to batch jobs where extra labels are thrown away. Eliminates the need to print labels in advance with Zero-Queue printing.
  • Minimizes ribbon waste with ribbon saving feature. Up to 60% less ribbon used than a traditional bench top thermal transfer printer on some self-lam labels.

Step up to enhanced quality

Better looking, easier reading, longer lasting wire identification; that’s the quality advantage that comes with the Wraptor printer applicator.

  • Uses the industry-standard high performance, self-laminating vinyl and nylon cloth materials.
  • Provides a tight wrap with minimal spiralling, bubbling or wrinkling.
  • Assures excellent readability and permanence with thermal transfer print technology.
  • Prints high quality bar codes, logos and diagrams with the 300 dpi print head.
  • Wraps bundles, wire and square jackets.

Gain new operating simplicity

Easy and flexible in operation, as well as durable, reliable and simple to maintain. The Wraptor can be integrated with established processes with minimal training.

  • Runs wires from 0.152 mm (060") diameter to 15.24 mm (600") diameter without adjustments or unique tooling.
  • Applies labels in varying widths from 50. 80 mm and under, and lengths from 19.05 mm to 76.20 mm.
  • Much quieter than typical wire processing equipment.
  • Easily transportable to different workstations.


Q: How close can I get a label to a connector on the end of a wire?
A: Worst case is 19,05 mm. Depending upon if the connector fits into the jaws of the Wraptor, you may be able to put the label right next to the connector.

Q: How short of a wire can I label?
A: 165 mm allow for easy handling of wire in 139.70 mm Wraptor wire opening.

Q: What software do I use to print to Wraptor?
A: Wraptor comes with a Microsoft Windows print driver, so virtually any Windows software can drive it. However, Brady’s LabelMark software has pre-loaded templates and has been designed specifically for use with Wraptor. It’s also included with Wraptor.

Q: How do I print to Wraptor?
A: Basically a label is designed in LabelMark and the print action is initiated. This sends a read-only print job to the Wraptor’s internal or Compact Flash memory. Now an operator simply has to select the correct print job (named identically to the LabelMark filename) and they will be presented with a WYSIWYG image to be printed. Next the operator simply presses the wire against the two switches and Wraptor takes over printing and applying.

Q: Can I change label information on the Wraptor touch screen?
A: While you cannot input new data into a label on the touch screen, you can advance through different labels.

Q: How many print job labels can Wraptor store?
A: Wraptor has 4MB of internal memory and 32MB of Compact Flash card memory available. It’s dependent on the size of label and the amount of graphics, text, etc. on the labels. An example print job with a text only WRAP-4-427 label of 900 serialized numbers used a little over 1MB of space.

Q: How long will the Wrapper V-Block last?
A: This will depend upon the wire diameter and nature of the wire jacket. We expect the typical life of this wear item to be approximately 50,000 cycles. The Wrapper V-Block requires no tools and can be changed in less than two minutes.

Q: What labels go with what wire jackets?
A: In general B-427 material can be used on PVC and other jackets that are not "slippery" such as Teflon. The B-499 labels have the most aggressive adhesive and will offer the best chance of success on slippery jackets. It should be noted that jackets with any grease or covering would be problematic. Following is a table of results

B427 B499
Asphalt Loom 3/16" Diameter X
THHN 14 AWG (.1150" diameter) X X
Rubber 16 AWG (.1160" diameter) X
Rubber 18 AWG (.1630" diameter) X X
Hypalon 16 AWG (.1400" diameter) X
Hypalon 18 AWG (.1335" diameter) X
XHHW 14 AWG (.1370" diameter) X X
EPDM 16 AWG (.1470" diameter) X X
EPDM 18 AWG (.1300" diameter) X X
Teflon 16 AWG (.0750" diameter) X
XLPE 16 AWG (.1200" diameter) X X
XLPE 22 AWG (.0900" diameter) X X
PVC 12 AWG (.1550" diameter) X X
PVC 16 AWG (.0900" diameter) X X
Polyurethane 16 AWG (.260" diameter) X X

Video Demonstrations

Click on the links below to download video demonstrations of the Wraptor™

For more information regarding the Wraptor™, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01389 830 408 or sales@touchprint.co.uk