BBP™31 Sign & Label Printer

BBP™31 Sign & Label Printer

The BBP™31 Sign & Label Printer is exactly how a printer is supposed to be. It’s easy to use. It’s packed with functionality. And best of all, it’s got so many material options that this one printer can handle all the labelling needs in your facility.

Smart supplies

Drop in your material and ribbon cartridges, the printer does the rest.

These supplies feature smart cell technology that tells the printer exactly how to format your label according to the material that’s inserted.

Touch and go display

All the features you use most, right at your fingertips.

This touch screen display lets you drag and drop objects and text until your label looks exactly the way you want it to.

Applications abound

This one printer can take on all the different labelling needs of your facility.

There are so many options packed into this printer, your applications are endless.

Stand alone or PC operation

You decide how you’d like to use the printer – either connected to your PC, or as a stand alone, mobile unit.
Powerful Software Options
MarkWare™ Signmark Software offers the industry’s most advanced PC design and editing capabilities.
Even more fonts, graphics, templates and import tools – and that’s just the beginning.

  1. Prints labels from 12.7mm to 101mm wide
  2. Continuous labels can be up to 3m long
  3. Print speed 76 mm/sec.
  4. Over 220 built-in graphics
  5. Templates for common label styles and a library of more than 250 pre-designed “pick and print” signs and labels
  6. Built-in bar code symbologies
  7. Prints on 100’s of continuous and die cut parts


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