GlobalMark™ Industrial Label Maker

GlobalMark™ Industrial Label Maker

GlobalMark™ COLOUR & CUT System

  • Prints in one colour, multiple spot colours, blended colour and full colour.
  • Unit has a built-in cutter for cutting out images and sign letters.
  • The MarkWare™ software also enhances your ability to precision-cut intricately detailed images.
  • The tape save feature allows you to print "multiple up" labels.

GlobalMark™ MULTICOLOUR System

  • Prints the same colour options as the Colour & Cut system, including the optional MarkWare™ software enhancements, without the cutter.

More Materials. More Applications.

With a choice of 12 tapes, including four new materials, think of the pounds you’ll save by never having to order custom tags, glow-in-the-dark labels, magnetic and static cling labels again! Here are some different ways to use GlobalMark™ output in and around your facility.

GlobalMark Industrial Label Maker


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