NEW B595 Sticks on every surface

(Posted: 07 Nov 2011)

Brady’s leading outdoor grade vinyl B-580 and B-588 is being replaced by a new and exciting vinyl tape with improved performance.

B-595 is the new low-shrink, outdoor vinyl with the most aggressive adhesive ever!

These new B-595 labelling supplies are ideal for indoor and outdoor facility labels, including 5S labels, safety labels, warning labels, pipe markers, equipment labels and visual workplace labels.

With its advanced adhesive and low-shrink construction, the new B-595 vinyl is highly recommended for “problem applications” that prove difficult for most typical vinyl materials.

A premier outdoor grade industrial vinyl with astounding qualities:

  • Superior Adhesive
    It adheres more aggressively to difficult low surface energy materials used for recycle bins, blow molded carry cases, plastic totes & buckets, composite carts, unpainted wood and finished cinder block walls.
  • Lower Application Temperature
    It can now be applied at -18°C or above.
  • Higher Service Temperature
    B-595 can handle up to 82°C, which meets industry maintenance temperatures.
  • Lower-shrink Vinyl
    Diminishes unsightly build-up of dust and grime around label edge typically seen with vinyl labels within a year after application. Stands up to grease, oil and most industrial chemicals
  • Stands up to grease, oil and most industrial chemicals

8 to 10 year outdoor durability *

Brady’s B-595 vinyl adheres to difficult low surface energy items, including:

  1. PVC piping
  2. blow-molded equipment cases
  3. ABS plastics
  4. powder-coated surfaces
  5. equipment made from recycled plastics.

The B-595 material also excels at sticking to highly textured surfaces such as:

  1. painted cinder block walls
  2. finished uneven wood
  3. textured plastics
  4. rough pipes and paper-jacked pipes.

*Average expected outdoor life of product will depend on user definition of failure, climatic conditions, mounting techniques and material colour. The 8 to 10 year outdoor durability applies to the vinyl label stock only; ribbon durability will vary. A polyester overlaminate is recommended for harsh environments - long term exposure to wind and rain.